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McDonald’s All American® Games

The Selection Process

The Search Begins
The initial list of potential nominees is gathered online beginning in September. The practice of nominating players dates back to the first game in 1978. Currently, names are submitted by the following approved parties:

  1. High School Coaches
  2. High School Athletic Directors
  3. High School Principals
  4. McDonald’s All American Games Selection Committee Members

There is no set number of how many high school senior players can be nominated throughout the country.

What Happens Next?
Once the nomination process closes on December 1, nominated players are reviewed for eligibility. Nominated players must be high school seniors having only participated in eight semesters of high school and in good academic standing. Nomination certificates of recognition are then mailed directly to the player’s region.

The Boys and Girls Team Selection Process
The voting process for the McDonald's All American Games Teams involves the McDonald’s All American Games Selection Committee. The Selection Committee is comprised of some of the nation’s most knowledgeable high school analysts, prep scouts, high school newspaper reporters and prestigious basketball coaches. There are 34 Boys Selection Committee members and 23 Girls Selection Committee members. The Selection Committee is chaired by Coach Morgan Wootten, former coach of DeMatha High School in Hyattsville, Maryland. Coach Wootten won more than 1,200 games and won five national high school championships.

Selection Process
Selection takes place through a series of balloting system votes that are submitted by the Selection Committee.

  • Votes are confidential.
  • Committee members are instructed not to discuss any of the balloting results or nominees outside of the internal committee.
  • At no time should any Committee member solicit information or opinions pertaining to any nominee’s athletic talent or basketball career.
  • Each member submits his or her individual votes via a confidential and closed balloting system.  The results are tabulated from all voters and the top 24 vote getters compromise the McDonald's All American Teams.

The final 24 Boys and 24 Girls selected to play will be named during the 2014 McDonald's All American Games Selection Show, which will air on January 29 on ESPNU at 6:00 p.m. ET.

Voting Criteria
Each committee member is instructed to vote for players who they feel should be represented as McDonald’s All Americans. Players must have played at least half of their senior season and should be academically eligible throughout the voting process.

Where is the line between East and West?
There is no specific line that determines the East and West breakdown. We take the players for each position and divide them based on relative geographic location. Because there are sometimes more players at one position on one team than others, there are sometimes exceptions to the rule. Most of the players will fall in their appropriate region.

Fifth-Year Players
The selection criteria to be named to the McDonald’s All American Games Team adheres to the rules and regulations of the National High School Federation which states that once a student/athlete enters his/her ninth grade year, he/she has four consecutive years to complete his/her high school eligibility. Therefore, fifth-year players are not eligible to participate in the McDonald’s All American Games.

If you have any additional questions about the selection process, please contact Terri Lynn Wootten at Sports America Inc. at (703) 867-2433 or terri@coachwootten.com.

The Selection Criteria is used by the Selection Committee, a group of independent basketball experts, as a guide when recommending the final McDonald's All American boys and girls teams to McDonald's. McDonald's, in its sole discretion, approves the final teams based on the Selection Committee’s recommendation, the Selection Criteria and/or other factors.