Three Point Shootout

There are two (2) rounds of shooting. Scoring is not cumulative. The competition will begin first with the girls and then the boys. Five (5) stations are positioned around the three-point line, with four (4) brown balls and one (1) red, white, and blue ball at each station. Each player must start at the baseline station with their hand on the first ball. Each participant has one (1) minute to shoot the 25 basketballs. The player must shoot from all five (5) positions, as time allows.

Each basket made with a brown ball is worth one (1) point. Each basket made with a multi-colored ball is worth two (2) points. The multi-colored ball may be shot only after all four (4) brown balls are shot from the station.

In the event of a tie, the tied players will each have one (1) minute to shoot as many balls as possible. Of the first round participants for each the boys and girls, the top three (3) will move on to the final round. Order of competition in the finals is determined by inverse order of first round scores.

Slam Dunk Contest

Each player participating in the contest receives two (2) dunk attempts in the first round and two (2) dunk attempts in the final round. Following each dunk, the player is scored from 7-10 by the judges. After the player has completed both dunks in a round, the scores are tallied. Contestants will have 45 seconds to receive a score on the attempts. If the player does not complete any dunk attempts during his/her 45 seconds, he/she is given a score of zero (0). A dunk attempt is when a participant attacks the basket with the basketball and makes a controlled motion at the rim. The referee will make the final call.

The top four (4) players with the highest scores advance to the final round. Scoring is not cumulative. In the final round, the order of dunkers will be from lowest to highest based on first round totals. The order of the second attempts in the final round is re-shuffled from lowest to highest score based on the judges scoring of the final round’s first attempts.

Legends & Stars Shootout

  • Teams are composed of 1 Boy and 1 Girl McDonald’s All American currently on the roster and 1 McDonald’s All American Alumni (Boy or Girl)
    • Maximum of (6) teams
  • Timed shooting competition with a maximum allowed time of one minute and 30 seconds (1:30).
  • Teams must complete/make four different shots from different spots on the floor in sequential order.
    • 1st Shot: 10 ft. Jumper right of the basket (Only Player A may attempt shot)
    • 2nd Shot: 15 ft. Jumper from the top of the key (Only Player B may attempt shot)
    • 3rd Shot: 3-Point shot from the left side of the key (Only Player C may attempt shot)
    • 4th Shot: Half-court shot from center court (entire team attempts shot)
  • The clock will start on the first attempt of the competition and end on the completion of the half-court shot or once the clock hits 1:30.
  • Each team will be provided one ball and must rebound their own shots for the first 3 locations.
  • A ball rack and rebounders will be provided for the half-court shot.
  • The winner of the competition is the team that takes the least amount of time to complete all four shots.
  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided based on the following for each situation;
    • Tied after each team completed all four shots
      • The winner is the team that took the least amount of shot attempts to make the half-court shot, then the 3-point etc.
    • o Tied after no team completed the half-court shot
      • The winner is the team who took the least amount of shots to get to the half-court shot combined amongst the tree different locations